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Pharmaceutical Weighing & Inspection Machines

Advanced inspection equipment to weigh and inspect pharmaceutical products and devices

Weighing & Inspection Machines for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Efficient and Innovative Pharmaceutical Weighing & Inspection Machines

Omori UK’s weighing & inspection machines are designed to accurately weigh and inspect pharmaceutical products and devices including tablets, capsules, sachets/sticks, tubes, bottles and cans. We understand the criticality of precise dosing and weighing in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our machines can provide services such as seal check, missing pack checks, filling control, precision weighing of small measurements and dosages and contaminant detection with high-performance X-rays.

We offer a wide range of inspection solutions including:

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Benefits of Omori UK’s Pharmaceutical Weighing & Inspection Machines

Choosing Omori UK as your pharmaceutical weighing & inspection machinery supply partner offers numerous benefits to your business.

Extremely accurate and reliable

Our weighing & inspection machines provide consistent and reliable results. Our weighing systems ensure accuracy and consistency, helping to maintain product integrity and adherence to dosage specifications.

Foreign Particle Detection

  • Our machines can detect and reject foreign particles such as glass, metal, rubber, or any other contaminants that may have inadvertently entered pharmaceutical products and devices during manufacturing or packaging processes.

Weight and Dosage Verification

For solid oral dosage forms such as tablets or capsules, our weighing & inspection machines can verify the weight and dosage consistency. They ensure that each unit meets the specified weight and dosage requirements, preventing under-dosing or over-dosing issues.

Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations

Omori UK prioritises compliance with international industry standards and regulations, including FDA21 and CFR Part 11 GDP.

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