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X-ray Machines

Omori UK X-ray machines are state-of-the-art systems specifically designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries to ensure product safety, quality, and integrity

How Omori UK Can Help

Our X-ray machines are capable of a wide range of inspection activities, that go far beyond contamination inspection. This includes:

  • Shape detection
  • Seal check
  • Void check
  • Missing product detection
  • Virtual weight inspection
  • Product masking
  • Multi-lane inspection

Our X-ray inspection system can detect low-contrast contaminants such as plastic and bone. They offer precise inspection capabilities, allowing for the detection of contaminants less than a millimetre in size. They offer easy operation, with a 15″ wide-screen display, and are easy to maintain, allowing for tool-free maintenance. They are designed with safety at the forefront and feature a range of safety features and mechanisms.

Trusted by professionals in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, Omori UK X-ray machines play a critical role in safeguarding consumer well-being, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and maintaining the highest standards of product safety and quality.

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