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Metal Detectors

Our metal detectors are designed to ensure product safety and detect contaminants

How Omori UK Can Help

Our metal detectors are cutting-edge machines specifically designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries to ensure product safety and quality. With their advanced technology and superior detection capabilities, these metal detectors play a vital role in identifying and removing metal contaminants from the production line.

Whether it’s detecting ferrous, non-ferrous, or stainless steel contaminants, Omori UK metal detectors offer exceptional sensitivity and accuracy. They are equipped with user-friendly interfaces and customisable settings, allowing for seamless integration into manufacturing processes.

Trusted by professionals in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, Omori UK metal detectors help prevent product recalls, protect consumer safety, and uphold industry regulations, making them indispensable assets for maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity in the production of food and pharmaceutical products.

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