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Packaging Machines

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial packaging equipment for the food, pet food and pharmaceutical industries.

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Boost Productivity and Reduce Costs with Omori UK Packaging Machines

As a globally recognised manufacturer and supplier of industrial machinery, we specialise in delivering class leading packaging equipment specifically for the food, pet food, and pharmaceutical sectors. Our range of packaging machines, including vertical and horizontal packaging machines, are designed and built to seamlessly integrate with your production line and improving operational efficiency enhancing quality and reducing waste.

Our high-speed packaging machinery lead the sector, using the latest technology in packaging equipment, ensuring a precise packaging process and durability to withstand the demands of modern-day manufacturing environments.

We offer a turn key solutions to cater to various packaging needs: sachet filling machines, pouch filling machines and stick packers for precise filling operations, to flow wrappers and stretch wrappers ensuring your products are packaged securely and aesthetically.

With an extensive portfolio of packaging equipment, we are committed to driving the success of your production line, merging durability with cutting-edge technology to deliver packaging lines that are specifically designed to fulfil your business’ needs.

Quality, Performance and Innovation

Omori UK offers a broad range of innovative packaging equipment for use in the food, pet food and pharmaceutical industries. From flow wrappers, pouch fillers, stick packers, sachet machines through to cartoners and case packers and more. We supply and service the latest in packaging machines to customers across the UK and Ireland.

Packaging plays a vital role in the manufacturing and retail industries. Ensuring the consumer receives a high-quality product that is also aesthetically pleasing.

Quality of output, performance and reliability are essential for high-volume machines, as any downtime can have an impact on profitability.

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Benefits of Omori UK’s Packaging Machines

Buying packaging machines from Omori UK offers several benefits for businesses in the food and pharmaceutical industry. 

Industry-leading machines

We are a leading manufacturer of food and pharmaceutical packaging equipment. We specialise in providing innovative equipment for the packaging of various products.

Bespoke Options

We can tailor the equipment to accommodate various packaging formats, sizes, and functionalities, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. 

Highest quality

Omori UK is known for manufacturing high-quality packaging machines. Our equipment is built to meet industry standards, ensuring maximum efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. 

Productivity and Efficiency

Omori UK’s packaging machines are designed to streamline packaging processes and improve productivity. With faster and more efficient packaging operations, businesses can increase output, meet demand, and reduce manual labour costs.

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