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Weighing & Inspection Machines

Our world-leading weighing and inspection equipment provides consistent and reliable results

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Efficient and Innovative Weighing & Inspection Machines

Food weighing and inspection equipment is a critical part of your production for ensuring the protection of your consumer and also to protect your brand and product reputation.

Our range of weighing and inspection equipment meets the guidelines of all major retailers, as well as the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

We can help you achieve;

  • Improved contaminant detectability
  • Lower TCO (Total cost of ownership)
  • Reduce your machine footprint
  • Increased weighing accuracy
  • Minimal false reject rates
  • Improved OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness)

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Benefits of Omori UK’s Weighing & Inspection Machines

There are a number of benefits of choosing Omori UK as the supplier for your weighing & inspection machines 


Our x-ray machines have Advanced LongLife Technology (ALL) which means they have a low-power generator but a very high accuracy sensor, so use a lot less power but provide world-class results.

Low electric use of X-ray machines

Our machines don’t produce as much heat as traditional X-ray machines and so don’t require air conditioning units to cool the machine, meaning that you use less electricity.

Side vision X-ray capability 

We can offer X-ray machines with side vision X-ray capability: Typically, an X-ray is produced from above, but we also offer sideways systems, for items such as bottling, canned food, and food in tubs. 

Suitable for various conditions

Due to the extensive product range, we can supply equipment for standard and harsh operating environments.

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