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Weighing & Inspection Machines for the Pet Food Industry

Advanced pet food inspection equipment for product manufacturers

Weighing & Inspection Machines for the Pet Food Industry

Quality Assurance Products for Pet Food Manufacturers

Omori UK’s weighing & inspection machines are designed to accurately weigh and inspect pet food products for foreign objects, contaminants, and other quality issues that could pose a risk to pets.  

The advanced technology in our machines helps to improve pet food safety, reducing the risk of product recalls, customer complaints, and negative publicity. 

Our food weighing and inspection equipment includes:

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Benefits of Omori UK’s Pet Food Weighing & Inspection Machines

Choosing Omori UK as your pet food weighing & inspection machinery partner offers numerous benefits to your business.

Extremely accurate and reliable

Our weighing & inspection machines provide consistent and reliable results.

Word leading quality

  • Our detection equipment provides industry leading inspection results, massively reducing the potential of consumer complaints.

Suitable for various conditions

Due to the extensive product range, we can supply equipment for standard and harsh operating environments. 

Extremely compact

Our machines have a very small footprint vs. competitors. Reducing your line size can often be critical in a production environment.

Wide range of equipment

We have over 120 configurations of equipment from checkweighers, metal detectors, combination units, and X rays, plus a comprehensive range of reject systems. 

Low cost of ownership

On average you will only need to replace our x-ray machine generators once every 10 years vs other models which may need replacing approximately 3 times during the same period of time.

Interested in our packaging solutions, have a question for our team or want to arrange an equipment trial?

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