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Pharma MD (for tablets and capsules)

A pharmaceutical metal detector with three leading-edge technologies, offering advanced quality control.

  • High Stability – Delivers on the actual production line
  • High Sensitivity – Industry-leading level
  • Validation – Maintain high-quality production
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Based on GMP

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A pharmaceutical metal detector with three leading-edge technologies, offering advanced quality control.

High Stability

The major causes of low stability in metal detection are vibration, static electricity and electrical noise from peripheral devices that destabilise the magnetic fields in detection heads. Anritsu pharmaceutical MD enhances resistance to these negative factors, achieving stable and accurate detection of contaminants.

Industry-leading high-sensitivity inspection

Detection head and signal processing specialised for the inspection of pharmaceutical products significantly reduce product effect, providing high sensitivity detection.

Validation provides advanced quality control

Built-in monitoring function verifies correct operation of metal detector. Continuous automatic monitoring constantly checks to ensure the machine is functioning at the correct performance level and gives an instant error notice to the operator to alert them of a problem when it occurs.

Self-diagnosis of detection performance (patented). The diagnostic function allows the operator to check if the machine maintains the same performance level as it was initially installed in the facility.

Supporting FDA 21 CFR Part 11

It is vital for pharmaceutical metal detectors to manage and record production and inspection data, not to speak of performing high-precision inspection. Anritsu complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, including eligibility user authentication, audit trails, and encryption/ decryption.

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Anritsu is a global leader in product inspection and contaminant detection equipment, including X-Ray Inspection Systems, Checkweighers, and Metal Detectors.

Their equipment is engineered to detect the smallest anomalies with the best operational efficiencies and the lowest cost of ownership in the global market.

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