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Stretch Wrap Machine

Omori UK’s cutting-edge STN8500 Stretch Wrap Machine is the fastest, automatic, in-line wrapper in the world. Perfect for packaging meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and mushrooms in a tray in stretch film.

  • Cycle motion or continuous (ON DEMAND) motion
  • Variable speed control in proportion to product feed
  • Servo motor driven belt separation conveyor
  • Aluminium and stainless steel for sanitary and durability

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Perfect for these products

Meat and Poultry

The Omori UK’s STN8500 stretch wrapping machine is designed to wrap and seal trayed products and is widely used throughout the food industry due to its reliability, speed, pack presentation, ease of use together with potential film savings.

Manufactured with all product contact areas in stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials, the machine is built to operate in a food packing environment.

The machine comes complete with an automatic infeed system allowing you to feed the machine directly from your production conveyor. Positioned on the infeed are sensors that monitor the throughput of trays and adjust the wrapping speed automatically up or down, according to its production levels. This speed can vary from 30 – 120 packs per minute.

The machine is controlled from a simple 10.4″ TFT colour touch display screen mounted conveniently at eye level which, in addition to displaying production throughput gives access to the machine’s self-diagnostic functions.

Why Choose Omori UK

Choosing Omori UK for your machines needs means investing in quality, innovation, and comprehensive support. Omori UK is renowned for manufacturing machines of exceptional quality and reliability delivering low cost of ownership. Our machines are built to last, incorporating advanced features to optimise efficiency and productivity. 

Omori UK can tailor the machine to your specific requirements. Our comprehensive support services ensure a smooth experience from installation to support.

When you invest with Omori UK, you can trust that you are embarking on a long-term partnership with a company renowned for outstanding service and support.

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About the manufacturer


Since establishment in 1948, Omori have been developing original packaging equipment that meets the needs of the times. From now on, they are committed to continually working diligently as a leading company in the packaging machine industry.

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