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Pouch Filling Machines

With consumers seeking new taste sensations and personalisations, manufacturers require flexible process configurations across a broad range of pouches and pouch sizes to accommodate, making a pouch filling machine essential.

  • Versatile Packaging
  • Precise Filling Accuracy
  • Customisable Configurations
  • Increased Efficiency

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Perfect for these products

Meat and Poultry

Since 1967, LEEPACK has produced versatile pouch filling machines with the highest durability. The requirements to realize this vision are considered at every stage, from initial engineering to manufacturing. The superior durability, versatility, and scalability of LEEPACK products give you the opportunity to realize your creative ideas to improve productivity and marketability.

Simplex Rotary Fill Seal Pouch Filling Machine

The LEEPACK RT Series is the most efficient, best-selling model. It is a simplex rotary fill seal machine that can be applied to a wide range of fields with flexible process configuration.

  • Versatile configuration
  • Quick format change
  • All types of fillers and weighers can be interlocked

Duplex Rotary Fill Seal Pouch Filling Machine

LEEPACK’s RD series is proven to enable stable production of small- and medium-sized products.
It is the best solution for customers who want high productivity under frequent production transitions.
Patented dual gripper system

  • Production speeds up to 100 BPM
  • Patented dual gripper system

Duplex High-speed Rotary Fill Seal Pouch Filling Machine

LEEPACK’s RX series offers a duplex high-speed rotary fill seal machine that is optimised for high productivity when working with small and medium-sized boxes.

  • It is possible to produce stable products even under the harsh conditions of high-speed production.
    Unique gripper system
  • Production speeds up to 120 BPM
  • Small footprint

Quadplex High-speed Rotary Fill Seal Pouch Filling Machine

LEEPACK’s RQ series offers a quadplex high-speed rotary fill seal machine with a unique gripper system. It is the perfect packaging solution for producing small-sized products requiring high production speeds under frequent production transitions.

  • Patented quadplex gripper system
  • Production speeds up to 160BPM

Why Choose Omori UK

Choosing Omori UK for your machines needs means investing in quality, innovation, and comprehensive support. Omori UK is renowned for manufacturing machines of exceptional quality and reliability delivering low cost of ownership. Our machines are built to last, incorporating advanced features to optimise efficiency and productivity. 

Omori UK can tailor the machine to your specific requirements. Our comprehensive support services ensure a smooth experience from installation to support.

When you invest with Omori UK, you can trust that you are embarking on a long-term partnership with a company renowned for outstanding service and support.

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About the manufacturer


With over half a century of continuous technology development and extensive experience, LEEPACK has grown into a world-class packaging solution provider. In addition, through active market expansion all over the world, they have established connections with more than 30 agencies on six continents and met with the world, causing exports to steadily increase.

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