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Industrial Meat Grinder

Over the years, Scansteel Foodtech A/S has conquered the position as THE supplier with the world’s widest industrial meat grinder machine programme. Scansteel Foodtech A/S delivers, among others, the following grinder programme: Single worm and double worm grinders.

  • Efficient Meat Grinding
  • Enhanced Mixing and Homogenisation
  • Durability and Longevity
  • Reduced Energy Consumption

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Perfect for these products

Meat and Poultry

Over the years, Scansteel Foodtech A/S has conquered the position as the supplier with the world’s widest and most comprehensive industrial meat grinder machine programme.

Our meat grinders are used but not limited to the following applications –
  • Fresh Raw Meat
  • Frozen Meat Blocks
  • Bones – Beef, Pork, poultry, fish etc
  • Fat – All types and temperatures
  • Fish – All Types including Offal
  • By Products
Features and Benefits:
  • Low noise levels
  • Low energy consumption
  • Capacity up to 40,000kg’shr
  • Up to 550mm knife sets / hole plates
  • Full washdown and hygienic zones
  • Heavy duty construction in Stainless Steel
  • Large hopper to prevent Bridging.
  • Ranging from 200mm dia to 550mm dia (8”-22”)

Why Choose Omori UK

Choosing Omori UK for your machines needs means investing in quality, innovation, and comprehensive support. Omori UK is renowned for manufacturing machines of exceptional quality and reliability delivering low cost of ownership. Our machines are built to last, incorporating advanced features to optimise efficiency and productivity. 

Omori UK can tailor the machine to your specific requirements. Our comprehensive support services ensure a smooth experience from installation to support.

When you invest with Omori UK, you can trust that you are embarking on a long-term partnership with a company renowned for outstanding service and support.

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About the manufacturer

Scansteel Foodtech A/S

Scansteel Foodtech A/S is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of machinery and processing lines, who serve various industries globally among others the meat and poultry preparation industries, the pet food industry, the processed cheese industry, plant based as well as convenience and fast food preparation, and even the pharmaceutical industry.

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