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Strategic expansion causes Omori and Selo to de-merge

In March 2023, Omori Machinery Co. Ltd. sold its stake in Hengelo-based processing company Selo Food Group.


Omori is a leading provider of cutting-edge packaging and processing equipment, with a worldwide presence and an international reputation for high quality solutions. Following the de-merger between Omori Ltd. and Selo Group, Selo rebranded as Omori UK Ltd, enabling the new business to further enhance Omori Ltd.’s global reputation in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


A local provider with international acumen


Starting in 1945 and subsequently becoming part of the Selo Group, the business began by supplying bacon slicers, sausage mincers and confectionery machinery to local companies in and around Merseyside. The company was renowned amongst customers worldwide for its outstanding service, support and technical development capabilities, which led to the groundbreaking development of re-closable packs for sliced meats and cheeses and changed the packaging landscape forever. Over the years, the company has grown dramatically and the team at Omori UK now supply high-quality packaging, processing, and weighing and inspection equipment to the UK and Irish markets.


Omori UK is now backed by the technical and commercial prowess of the Japanese-owned Omori Machinery Company and works as a direct subsidiary of the wider Omori Europe group, headquartered in the Netherlands. With continued strategic growth, Omori UK is well set to supply and continue to support all of the major food, pharmaceutical and pet food manufacturers throughout the UK and Ireland.


Innovative solutions for eco-conscious businesses


Prompted by Increased awareness of environmental issues, customers are voicing increasing expectations for eco-friendly packaging solutions. The sheer volume of plastic-based packing materials that we use in the UK is having a significant impact on the environment – and businesses are looking for ways to reduce their footprint.


Together with Omori Europe, Omori UK is playing an increasingly important role in the growth and innovation of the packaging industry, particularly in relation to sustainability. As a leading provider of packaging systems, Omori UK is in prime position to offer an all-encompassing approach that will optimise the packaging process for maximum efficiency and sustainability.


Designed to be user friendly with intuitive settings, Omori UK machines seamlessly integrate into production lines, offering operational flexibility, high OEE low waste and minimal cost of ownership. With project integration services, Omori UK’s dedicated project engineers are also able to work in partnership with businesses, helping them develop bespoke packaging and process systems to meet their unique needs.


With a technically driven approach, Omori UK systems and machines are fast gaining a reputation for achieving superior standards in the industry.


The future of Omori UK


With a strong local presence, international expertise and the latest and greatest technology-driven solutions, UK-based shareholders have immense confidence in the future of Omori UK and will continue to work on the growth of the company together with their colleagues around the world.


“Our objective is clear; we want to be the number one flowrapping manufacturer in the world. With the strategic opening of manufacturing facilities across each continent, Omori are able to manufacture equipment to the right specification, quality and price. These advantages, coupled by the experienced Team at Omori UK, enable us to work closely with our customers throughout the UK and Ireland to provide equipment that best suits their application.”

– Chris Keenan, Sales Director for Omori UK.



Who is Omori UK?


With over 70 years of collective experience, Omori UK specialises in offering solutions to meet the specific needs of customers. From design and engineering to installation and maintenance, Omori UK’s mission is to provide reliable, technologically advanced solutions that enable customers to distinguish themselves from their competitors, with processing and packaging lines designed to perform to the maximum.


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