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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Food Packaging Machinery

Food packaging machinery plays a crucial role in the manufacturing and retail industries. The packaging itself ensures the safety, quality, and longevity of food products. But how it’s packed also has an important impact on your business’ efficiency and sustainability, as well as customer satisfaction.

A well-packaged product ensures your customers not only receive high-quality products but aesthetically pleasing ones, too. Food packaging machinery is the key to achieving this level of customer satisfaction even at scale.

the ultimate guide to food packaging machinery

Benefits of food packaging machinery

There are multiple benefits of using food packaging machinery instead of relying on manual processing, these include:

  • Efficiency

Automated machines enhance production speed, reduce manual labour and improve overall efficiency.

  • Improved product safety

Sealing and wrapping machines ensure airtight packaging, protecting food from contamination and spoilage.

  • Cost savings

Efficient packaging processes minimise material waste and reduce operational costs.

  • Versatility

Modern packaging machinery can handle a wide range of products and packaging styles, making them suitable for various applications.

types of food packaging machines

Types of food packaging machinery

There are several different types of machines that have been designed to handle specific packaging tasks, from sealing and wrapping to filling and labelling. These include:

  • Flow wrappers

Also known as a horizontal flow pack machine, a flow wrapper machine is designed to package products using a continuous roll of film. It wraps items in a protective layer of material, sealing them to ensure freshness, safety, and stability. It is ideal for high-speed packaging.

  • Stretch wrappers

A stretch wrapping machine is specifically designed to wrap trayed food products by applying stretch film tightly around them. This process helps maintain the integrity of your products during storage and transportation, reducing the risk of damage.

  • Pouch fillers

Designed to fill and seal preformed pouches with various types of products – liquids, powders, granules and semi-solid substances – a pouch filler machine is integral to maintaining product quality, extending shelf life and ensuring efficient, hygienic packaging.

  • Sachet machines

Providing precise and hygienic packaging for single-dose products, a sachet machine is designed to form, fill and seal sachets. These machines can handle a variety of product types, including powders, granules, liquids, and creams.

  • Stick packers

A stick packer machine is ideal for forming and sealing stick-shaped packages, perfect for single-serve portions of products such as powders, granules, or liquids. Specifically designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries, these machines are precise and efficient.

Choosing the right food packaging machinery

We recommend that you follow these steps before you invest in machinery.

  • Step one – assess your needs

Identify the type of food products you need to package, and which packaging style would best suit your product. For example, decide whether you need flow wrapping, pouch filling, or sachet packaging.

  • Step two – understand your requirements

Gain an understanding of your daily production requirements so you can choose between manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic machines. This will help you decide whether you need a machine with high production speeds and efficiency ratings or if a slower machine would suit you better.

  • Step three – consider ease of use

To help your teams adjust to the new machinery, it might be wise to choose machines with user-friendly interfaces and flexible configurations to accommodate different product sizes and types. Often these more flexible machines also include and easy maintenance features.

  • Step four – weigh up the short-term and long-term costs

Though the upfront costs of purchasing the machine and any necessary accessories may be high, it’s worth bearing in mind the long-term savings from reduced labour and material costs.

  • Step five – after-sales support

Many manufacturers provide reliable after-sales support and maintenance services, but it’’ always worth checking what’s on offer. It might also be worth looking for a manufacturer like Omori UK that offers tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

choosing a food-packaging machine manufacturer

Why Choose Omori UK?

Omori UK is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of food packaging machinery, offering a wide range of solutions designed to meet the highest industry standards. Our machines are built for durability, efficiency, and ease of use, ensuring that your packaging processes are optimised for maximum productivity and cost savings.

Interested in finding out more? Contact our team, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and we can even arrange a demonstration of our state-of-the-art equipment for you. We’re here to support your packaging needs and help your business thrive.

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