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Say Goodbye to Dry Meat: The Ultimate Guide to Moisture Retention with Garos

Dry meat is a culinary disappointment no one wants to encounter. Ensuring meat and poultry products retain their tenderness and moisture is not just desirable but essential for consumer satisfaction. Moist meat is not just a preference; it’s a standard for delivering the highest quality. With Garos, achieving this standard becomes a reality.


Moisture Retention

Garos offers a comprehensive solution to moisture retention through its innovative technologies. By combining injectors with specialised tenderising heads, Garos machines revolutionise the meat processing landscape. These injectors, in tandem with meticulous brine preparation techniques, ensure meat products retain moisture from factory to dinner table.


Brine preparation is an art form Garos has mastered. Through a meticulous process that merges scientific precision with culinary expertise, Garos guarantees optimal moisture retention. This process, coupled with the judicious selection of tenderising heads, transforms ordinary meat into succulent delights, pleasing palates and satisfying discerning consumers.


Garos machines are designed with efficiency and productivity in mind. Streamlined processes and automated functionalities reduce processing times while maintaining uncompromising quality standards. This not only maximises output but also minimises waste, making Garos machinery an eco-friendly choice for meat processing facilities.


Flawless Hygiene

The UK meat industry boasts some of the world’s highest hygiene and welfare standards. These standards are not just benchmarks but integral to the industry’s integrity and reputation. Garos machines stand as stalwart allies in meeting and exceeding these stringent requirements.


In meat processing, the threat of chemical cross-contamination looms large. Factors like contact with cleaning agents, lubricants, or even packaging materials can compromise product integrity. However, Garos machines ensure stringent hygiene practices, mitigating such risks effectively.


By maintaining precise temperature controls and compartmentalising raw and cooked meat, Garos machines serve as guardians against contamination, safeguarding both product and consumer.


A Legacy of Quality

In partnership with Omori, Garos is extending its reach and impact across the UK & Ireland. Omori’s expertise in distribution and service ensures that Garos machinery is accessible to meat processing businesses nationwide. From initial consultation to installation and maintenance, Omori provides comprehensive support, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of Garos technology.


For over three decades, Garos has upheld unwavering values, committed to delivering meat that remains moist and tender from farm to table. Now as the sole provider or Garos machinery in the UK & Ireland, Omori is ensuring that top-notch quality and expertise are seamlessly integrated into every facet of meat processing. Say goodbye to dry meat – with Omori & Garos, satisfaction is always on the menu.

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