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How to Achieve Uniform Flavour Distribution in Your Poultry Products

When it comes to poultry processing, achieving uniform flavour distribution isn’t just a goal – it’s an art. It’s about ensuring every bite of chicken or turkey delivers an explosion of taste, consistently, every time. Available exclusively through Omori in the UK & Ireland, Garos is revolutionising the poultry processing landscape, standing out as the masters, delivering excellent flavour while preserving the integrity of the meat.


Precision Engineering for Flavour Consistency

Imagine a scenario where every piece of poultry undergoes a meticulous process, ensuring that every nook and cranny is infused with flavour. That’s precisely what Garos tumblers offer. With distribution rates soaring up to an impressive 98.5% these machines set the gold standard for precision engineering in the meat industry. It’s not just about coating – it’s about ensuring that each bite is a culinary masterpiece.


While flavour distribution is crucial, maintaining the natural texture and tenderness of meat is equally important. Here’s where Garos technology shines brightest. The GTB tumbler and GRT tenderiser deliver a delicate massaging process that tenderises meat without compromising its structural integrity. Meat that’s not just bursting with flavour, but also melts in your mouth.


From Dry Rubs to Marinades

One of the hallmarks of Garos tumblers is their versatility. Whether it’s dry rubs, marinades, or even experimental concoctions, these machines handle them all with finesse. Garos technology accommodates a wide range of ingredient types and viscosities, ensuring that every piece of poultry is coated evenly. It’s not just about consistency – it’s about unleashing creativity in the kitchen and delighting consumers with innovative flavours.


The Garos Advantage

Garos doesn’t just offer a one-size-fits-all solution – they understand that every processing facility has unique requirements. With a broad range of tumblers spanning capacities from 1600 to 10,000 litres, Garos ensures there’s a perfect fit for every operation. Whether you’re massaging pork, marinating beef, or tenderising seafood, these tumblers are designed to meet the demands of various meat products.


Garos tumblers come packed with a plethora of benefits, each aimed at enhancing efficiency and product quality. The multi-displacement flights (MDF) technology delivers unsurpassed effectiveness in flavour distribution. With optional load cells, processors gain advanced weighing capabilities, ensuring precise ingredient measurements and consistent results.


The crucial factor lies in the intricate balance between kinetic energy and gentleness. Garos tumblers achieve this delicate equilibrium by ensuring that products receive mechanical working while preserving muscle structure integrity. Additionally, the cooling jacket feature significantly impacts the end result by counteracting heat generated during tumbling, thereby preserving binding capacity throughout the process.


Ultimate Hygiene

Hygiene is paramount in the meat industry, and Garos recognises this by offering easy-to-clean tumblers devoid of inaccessible areas. The hydraulic drum lifting and lowering system, coupled with a tilted drum design, streamlines product discharge, saving valuable time and effort. Process automation, facilitated by an advanced control system, empowers operators to fine-tune massaging parameters for optimal results. Furthermore, Garos provides optional features such as vacuum pumps and CO2/N2 dosing, offering versatility and flexibility in processing operations. With Garos, innovation meets efficiency, setting new standards in poultry processing technology.


Omori: Your Gateway to Garos Excellence

As the exclusive provider of Garos machinery in the UK & Ireland, Omori plays a pivotal role in empowering meat processors with cutting-edge technology. By partnering with Omori, businesses gain access to a comprehensive suite of Garos solutions, backed by unrivalled technical support and industry insights. Together, Omori and Garos redefine the possibilities in poultry processing, elevating products to new heights of quality and taste.


With Garos technology at the helm, powered by Omori’s expertise, meat processors can turn possibilities into reality. Embrace the Garos advantage and embark on a culinary adventure like never before.

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