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Five Reasons Manufacturers Are Choosing Future-Proof Packaging

From 26-28 September, we’re exhibiting at the PPMA at the NEC Birmingham – come and see us at stand G20!


The PPMA is the leading UK event for processing and packaging machinery. With organisations worldwide aiming to reduce their environmental and financial packaging impact, exhibitions like the PPMA serve to highlight innovative ways for businesses to optimise their operations – showcasing the latest and innovative equipment, systems, and materials.


Here’s why cutting-edge manufacturing solutions are redefining the industry.



They’re environmentally friendly

According to Wrap, the world produces 141 million tonnes of plastic packaging per year. A third of that ends up in the environment. It’s no surprise, therefore, that packaging has earned a reputation as an environmental adversary.


Pre-made pouch fillers counteract this by using less material, reducing reliance on plastic and minimising waste. They’re also designed to run the latest generation of sustainable mono-layer pouches without needing updates or changes, minimising machine downtime and maximising cost-effectiveness.


Stand-up pouches are also more lightweight, less bulky and easier to store together, which means that more of them can be transported at once, reducing the environmental footprint of distribution.



They’re efficient

Trolley tumblers are designed to minimise operator effort by reducing loading and unloading times, maximising product output, and ensuring optimum efficiency.


While trolley tumblers can be swiftly set up via cost-effective turnkey methods, they’re also highly adaptable, making them suitable for businesses with diverse or evolving needs.


Trolley tumblers are a hygienic, low-maintenance solution that are easy to keep clean. They can also be loaded to maximum capacity on every cycle, boosting output without compromising quality.



They’re economical

Using state-of-the-art technology, flow wrappers are adaptable across a range of product sizes and shapes for versatility and efficiency. They contribute to productivity and superior packaging quality, making them a vital tool for manufacturers across the globe.


Flow wrappers are designed and built to maintain a single point of contact with the packaging film when running. Using cutting-edge design techniques and best engineering practices, the machine are capable of sustained high speeds with minimal intervention for maintenance and maximum machine availability. The overall philosophy of the Omori equipment is exceptional pack integrity and presentation, with minimal whole life cost of ownership.


The machines are supported by a dedicated service and support network available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



They make consumables safer

Industrial X-ray machines bring safer products to market by detecting foreign objects in foodstuffs before they reach consumers.


By performing accurate inspection of low-density bones in metal and overlapping products, this cutting-edge technology allows manufacturers to clearly distinguish contaminants from consumables. Similarly, check-weighing and metal detection machines use the latest functionality to improve product inspection within the food and pharmaceutical industries, offering excellent performance and superior accuracy.



They improve operations

Innovative machinery leads to cost-effective, efficient and goal-orientated solutions that truly contribute to future-proof manufacturing. By capitalising on the technology available to them, businesses can keep sustainability and customer wellbeing at the forefront of all operations, maintaining their commitment to safe, eco-conscious processes.


It’s simply a case of investing in the right solutions.


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